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Play IPL fantasy league 2013 game on IPL fantasy league 2013 game rules, how to play, scoring, prizes

The IPL Fantasy League is a cricket game which gives loads of fun for the cricket fans, who rule their favorite team of being an owner.

The game initially provides 10 million fantasy currency dollars for which the users can virtually pick up their batsman, bowlers, wicket-keepers and all-rounders from the IPL team.

The fantasy team will earn points according to the criteria provided.

The players of virtual team will start to earn points as per the performances in the IPL matches.

There will be bonuses also for the Player of the Match as well as for the batting, fielding and bowling.

The IPL Fantasy League 2 has 2 modes such as Fantasy Championship and Daily Challenge in which Fantasy mode will run through the IPL matches with a certain limit, whereas the Daily Challenge will be managed by the users and will have winners for each day.