Mullaperiyar Dam in Kerala to overflow protests on for new Dam

Mullaperiyar Dam in Kerala to overflow protests on for new Dam

Protests are escalating in Kerala as Mullaperiyar Dam is brimiming with water due to copious rains in the catchment areas.  The water level has touched 135.7 feet on Saturday 26.11.2001 as against its capacity of 136 feet.

Though the district administration is assuring people that there is no room for panic, they have also opened 3 control rooms to help people in case of emergency.

This has spread panic in Idukki, Kottayam and Ernakulam districts of Kerala, which will be directly affected by the floods if the dam fails.  They are protesting as they see danger in the present structure of the Mullaperiyar dam as it is old and may not stand the pressure if it is filled to the brim. They want a new dam be built to protect their interests. 

In the meanwhile, a team of scientists are also conducting a study to ascertain the impact of recent tremors the structure of the dam.

However, Tamil Nadu is opposing construction of new dam holding that the Mullaperiyar dam is safe and good as new.

Protests are mounting spontaneously in the three districts of Kerala.  Seeing the panic reaction of the people of the area spreading like wildfire, politicians have also joined the bandwagon of protests at different levels – at gross-roots level, at state level and at the Centre pressuring the Central Government to intervene in the matter.