HR Ranganath’s Public TV new Kannada channel competes Udaya TV

HR Ranganath’s Public TV new Kannada channel competes Udaya TV

HR Ranganath, a firebrand Kannada journalist is launching a new channel Public TV on 26 January 2012, the Republic Day of India. The title depicts that the channel is designed to be people friendly, which will voice views of the public to get better attention.

HR Ranganath is well-known in electronic media and known have unambiguous and straight forward opinions on all matters he presents. His programs are believed to be of unbiased nature.

For the last few years, he is associated with the Suvarana Channel. Currently, he has started Writemen Media Private Limited with two of his powerful friends S Diwakar and Arun kumar.

It has been tipped that the Public TV has an investment of about Rs.30 Crores and the funds are raised mainly from political parties. It is also believed that government is not involved in this instance. Karnataka television channel list will increase with the addition of the Public TV. Several channels that are already functioning through Sun Network include Udaya TV, Udaya Comedy, Udaya News and Udaya Music.

Some of the others are ETV Kannada, Samaya TV, Kasthuri, TV9, Janasri, Suvarana entertainment channel and Suvarana 24x7, in addition to Doordarshan's Chandana. Udaya TV is the famous and most watched among the numerous television channels. Udaya TV holds the maximum number of television rights of more than 3000 Kannada cinemas produced, since 1934.