CBSE Open book exam for 9th, 11th (IX, XI) standard students 2014

CBSE Open book exam for 9th, 11th (IX, XI) standard students 2014

CBSE open book exam will be Initiated from 2014 by the chairman Vineet Joshi 

The open book exam is breaking news for CBSE which initiates from next year march for IX and XI. The educational concept was reported in July 2012 about the plan. Christened Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA), before 3 months the materials will provide for the out of questions.OTBA permit to take their materials to examination hall for reference while writing answers,

CBSE chairman Joshi justifies that the way of assessing a student will shows their Analytical and theoretical skill, apart from the memorizing skills. Three subjects of Std XI and all of STD IX will be in the OTBA part.

Vineet Joshi introduced to schools that OTBA will consist of 15%-20% of the total marks and this may consist of value-based questions also, which is already in the current set up parts.

The March OTBA will be the part of Summative Assessment-II (SA=II) for the STD IX it comes under the Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation Scheme.

Joshi informed to schools that they will supply the all the materials before the few months of commencement of SA-II in the form of an article, a case study, a diagram, a concept/mind map, a picture or a cartoon, problem/situation taught to the students based on the concept during second term.

Joshi added that “OTBA questions will include the higher order thinking skills and some of them may have subjective, creative and open ended. Confirming those students having their materials to refer during the exams, the textual materials early printed as a part of the question paper and that will be useful for answering

OTBA will be applicable only for economics, biology and geography for Std XI and in March this will be the part of the final exam.

CBSE updated the schools to mark the answer sheets based on the four criteria.

1. Students’s understanding and application of the concepts to the situational problems

2. Ability to suggest and bring out the appropriate solutions to the problem

3. Ability to come up with the innovative opinions

4. Ability to deep analyze, based on a wide range of perspectives.

Further details will be given to schools by December

What is OBTA and how will work

OBTA Works in many western countries based on the “open book exam”. It allows the students to carry their materials to the examination hall for the questions taken from the materials.

OTBA exam require the understanding of topic’s concept. OTBA will be activated from March 2014 for Std XI and STD IX. It will be credit of 20% of the total marks. The materials will be provided from December onwards.