Sre Rama Rajyam’s Nayantara undecided on RGV’s film on Ramayan

Sre Rama Rajyam’s Nayantara undecided on RGV’s film on Ramayan

In the past, it was learnt that Sri Rama Rajyam fame Nayantara had announced that she will not be continuing her acting career. All through the 50-days achievement jamboree of Sri Rama Rajyam, the beautiful Nayantara was adored by her fans as well as the other actors. Nayantara has been behind the curtains for quite a long period and thus, she was bombarded with queries about her future acting plans by the media at the Sri Rama Rajyam event.

All the guests attending the event of Sri Rama Rajyam, appealed Nayantara not to renounce the film industry. Even famous celebrities including S.P. Balasubramanyam, Dasari Narayan Rao and Balakrishna requested the young 27-year, actress to pursue her acting career, even after her married.

The media were waiting impatiently to interview her about her professional and personal plans, after the event but they were thwarted as Nayantara zipped her mouth tight. This was an indication to the people in the film industry that the prospects of taking up acting by gorgeous actress was bleak.

The next film based on epic of Ramayana, having Nagarjuna in the male key role is being directed by Ram Gopal Varma. The leading female role is offered to Nayantara by Ram Gopal Varma, but she has still not confirmed.

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