Shocking: Producers back out from Balakrishna's 100th Film Ugadi

Shocking: Producers back out from Balakrishna

The official launch of Balakrishna’s 100th film which was on Ugadi is in trouble.

According to the buzz in film fraternity Balakrishna’s movie launch was plan on 8th April, Telugu New Year.

As the project demands of around 70 crores budget, its producers are giving it a second thought.

The producers of the movie, Ram Achanta, Gopi Achanta and Sai Korrpati are planning to walk out of the project.

Though the blockbuster movie, Legend starring Balakrishna was produced by the same makers.

But it was only 38 crores movie which did well on Box office.

However, doubling investment is confusing the producers for its Market risk.

Though being a superstar actor Balakrishna’s market limitations are revealed.

Now only two days left for its official launch and this kind of rumours worrying actor’s fans.