Mirchi 22nd day collections Mirchi 4th weekend box office 22 days

Mirchi 22nd day collections Mirchi 4th weekend box office 22 days

 Mirchi 22 days (22nd day) Box office total Mirchi 1st, 2nd, 3rd weekend collections update as on 2 March 2013

Mirchi 1st day (day 1) collections: 7.20 Crores

Mirchi 2nd day (day 2) collections: 8.35 Crores

Mirchi 3rd day (day 3) collections: 8.04 crores

Mirchi 4th day (day 4) collections: 6.82 crores

Mirchi 5th day (day 5) collections: 6.38 crores

Mirchi 6th day (day 6) collections: 6.08 crores

Mirchi 7th day (day 7) collections: 5.96 crores

Mirchi 8th day (day 8) collections: 5.23 crores

Mirchi 9th day (day 9) collections: 5.37 crores

Mirchi 10th day (day 10) collections: 5.29 crores

Mirchi 11th day (day 11) collections: 4.38 crores

Mirchi 12th day (day 12) collections: 3.95 crores

Mirchi 13th day (day 13) collections: 3.40 crores

Mirchi 14th day (day 14) collections: 3.08 crores

Mirchi 15th day (day 15) collections: 2.85 crores

Mirchi 16th day (day 16) collections: 2.62 crores

Mirchi 17th day (day 17) collections: 2.68 crores

Mirchi 18th day (day 18) collections: 2.08 crores

Mirchi 19th day (day 19) collections: 1.68 crores

Mirchi 20th day (20 days) collections: 1.30 crores

Mirchi 21st day (21 days) collections: 1.23 crores

Mirchi 22nd day (22 days) collections: 1.03 crores

Mirchi box office Total collections: 95.00 crores

Mirchi Worldwide collections at box office: 23.59 crores

Prabhas Mirchi is doing a decent earnings at the box office till date grossing around 95.00 crores estimating the total collections so far. Mirchi is expected to cross the 100 crore mark in a few days time.