Baahubali (Bahubali) video teaser review & Anushka Shetty role

Baahubali (Bahubali) video teaser review & Anushka Shetty role

Bahubali (Baahubali) Anushka Shetty birthday special video teaser review & role details

Magnum Opus Bahubali (Baahubali) an epic periodic drama starring PrabhasAnushka Shetty and Rana Daggubati has already created buzz in the media about its second vdeo making teaser release on occassion of Anushka Shetty's birthday special one.

Director SS Rajamouli has released the teaser of Bahubali second video making which had many visits in You Tube in a few hours time of its release.

Anushka Shetty had undergone training in sword fighting and horse racing for this movie along with her co stars.

Anushka Shetty's role in Bahubali is named Devasena.

In the trailor released today (7.11.2013) Anushka Shetty was dressed in a traditional blue and pink outfit like that of a warrior.

A swift movement of the sword engaged in war with a shield in hand by Anushka Shetty was seen in the teaser.

Anushka Shetty birthday special teaser release video link in You Tube is given below.


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