Dil Dostii Dance

Dil Dostii Dance

Dil Dostii Dance (D3)

Channel - Channel V
Casts - Kunwar Amarjeet Singh (Rey), Swayam (Shantanu Maheshwari ), Sharon (Sneha Kapoor ), Tani (Vrinda Dawada)

The story Dil Dostii Dance focuses on Kriya & Rey, Sharon & Swayam and their friends. Their Dil expresses itself when their hearts begin to feel the first beginnings of love, Dosti is the friendships which grows beyond the normal limits and Dance which has always been their passion.
Later, all the friends are divided into teams dazzlers and weaklings due to the upcoming footloose elimination and this is bringing distance between Rey & Kriya, Swayam & Sharon, Vicky & Neha and the other lovers.
The journey is filled with dil fun, dosti feelings and dance joy followed by clashes and romance between Swayam and Sharon. After Kriya is gone, there is a new faceTaani who has a soft corner for Rey.

Later, Rey  comes to know that Taani is Swayam's cousin and teaches her dance steps. But bad boy Shivam plays a evil game which creates differences between Taani and Rey.

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