Harshad Arora

HArshad Arora Biography, Profile, Nick name, Age, height, Education, Personal life, Education, occupation, Beintahaa serial lead

Name:  Harshad Arora

Date of Birth: 3rd September 

Resides in: Mumbai (Maharashtra), India. 

 Age: 26 years approx

Height: 6’

Place of birth: Delhi, India.

Education: Ryan international school Delhi, College education from Delhi University.

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Model and Actor

About Harshad Arora, Personal Life, Beintahaa, Debut serial.

Harshad Arora is a 26 year old Delhi based boy who completed his schooling from Ryan International in Delhi.

After doing several photo shoots Harshad is now entering television industry with his debut serial Beintahaa. Harshad Arora will be casting as main lead opposite to Preetika Rao.

Preetika Rao is sister to famous bollywood actress Amrita Rao.

Harshad Arora casting as Mumbai based boy Zain who has hard rock Mumbai way of thinking and have completed his education from London.

Harshad Arora is shown very modern in outlook who is very rigid for his way of thinking and mokes upon small town thinking.

Due to circumstances Zain comes in situation where he gets obliged to agree to marry a small town girl Aaliya who is traditional in outlook. Zain is also very particular about her thinking.

Aaliya and Zain are shown in serial having contest tussle with each other. The story will move forward as how this fighting opposite couple falls in love for each other.