Parenting: Some helpful tips to develop creativity in your child

Parenting: Some helpful tips to develop creativity in your child

Develop creativity in your child from the very young age and your child will not to follow the crowd. Creativity bubbles from within oneself when one is motivated to see things in a different way rather than in the same dull routine order.

Everyone is born with creativity and hence instead of curbing it, one needs to encourage it. Creativity is the thing that sells in today’s market. Creative ideas are the one which gets a product to sell and make a name for it.

When your child is young, creativity is bubbling in him. Therefore, channelize it in a proper manner. Design their bedroom in a way that encourage them to be creative like sticking chart paper where the child can draw, write or paint.

Gift the child artistic material like clay, color books, craft books, origami books. Allow the child to explore it and design it the way he wants.

Encourage good imagination in the child. The child can come up with really absurd but brainy ideas, instead of mocking it, encourage him to think more innovatively.

Give them riddles to solve. Fun activity books where there are little problem solving stories can be a good stimulant for the child to think and come up with solutions.

Do not judge negatively when they come up with weird ideas, instead correct them if they are wrong but never mock them.

Allow your child to engage in his favorite hobbies and extracurricular activities.

Lastly never push your child to adapt a certain method only but give him the freedom of expression.