Make your child eco-friendly: Make him love the planet & protect!

Make your child eco-friendly: Make him love the planet & protect!

Nature plays an essential part in the growth of the child. Nature nurtures the child in a way that others cannot do it. The love for nature should thus be inculcated in the child from an early age so that the child grow up to be an eco-friendly person.

Respecting the planet should be a habit out of choice. Teaching your child to respect the planet will be beneficial not only to him but to others around him.

Here are some tips to imbibe in your children with love for nature.

Telling them the importance of Nature

From school days, the children are educated about the nature and its advantages. More than school if the child is taught at home, he will follow it more. Moreover when he hears it from his own parents it will make a big difference.

Engage in eco-friendly activities

Show your child how to remain eco-friendly even at home by saving water, electricity and by not littering the house and the neighborhood. Children learn by observation and hence your eco-friendly behavior will influence them more to engage in such activities.

Encourage tree care and plantation

Surround your surroundings with trees and greenery. Encourage your child to plant trees and look after them as they grow. Developing a love for environment will surely benefit them as they grow up.

Encourage habits of cleanliness

When a child learns to be clean, he even likes the environment clean. Hence when the child develops the habit of cleanliness he will definitely want the planet to be clean too.