Tips to maintain Personal hygiene during rainy season.

Tips to maintain Personal hygiene during rainy season.

Monsoon with its arrival brings refreshing feel and rejuvenating essence to every living thing. And, especially for human beings this season signifies happiness, cheer and enjoyment. A person tends to indulge in unhygienic habits during this season which can get them cold and cough.

Cough cold, flu and some water-borne diseases like cholera, gastroenteritis are recurrently observed health problems throughout rainy season.  But you can easily handle common rainy season problems efficiently with your habitual kitchen ingredients. A modest care can keep the monsoon scrape at bay.

Sustain personal hygiene 

  • Wash your hands well with a medicated soap before and after having food. For regular hand wash, a mild sanitizer also aids the purpose. Then apply almond oil or baby cream. Application of Eucalyptus or thyme oil will also sanitize the skin.
  • Wear clean and easy clothes. Cotton and Synthetic fabrics are favorable during monsoon.
  •  For personal hygiene always keep a pair of garments with you while traveling.


Drink boiled water and avoid consuming unpacked food. 

This is an extremely effective and meaningful advice. Boiled water is pure and consuming the same also helps digestion of food properly. Avoid over eating the street-side foods like deeply fried fritters, fruits slices and other such snacks. Maximum times go for freshly cooked bakes rather than stale food.


Consume hot foods 

Try to cook hot and delicious food recipies at home only with fresh vegetables and fruits like soups , surries, juices etc. Consumption of Luke warm water is mandatory in between your meals.
Usage of the following ingredients while cooking can give you some resistance against some common monsoon ailments:: 

  • Ginger - an excellent digestive herb. Start your lovely day with a ginger tea or basil tea, which has many medicinal value and works as a precautionary measure for gastric problems, cold and cough.
  • Having few sips of honey and carrot juice help curing throat infection, which is a common problem of this wet weather.
  • Garlic- it consists of anti-viral and anti-fungal activities that cure the cold, stomach infections and enhances your overall stamina.