Tattoo removal is much riskier think twice before getting tattoo

Tattoo removal is much riskier think twice before getting  tattoo

Experts opine that removal of tattoo is much riskier and harmful than tattooing. They advice people to think twice before getting a tattoo done.

Tattoos are very much in fashion these days. Youth and young adults are getting keener to get a sexy and different tattoo on their body parts such as shoulders, back, waist, chest, thighs, etc. Moreover the Bollywood and Hollywood actors and actresses are influencing the young generation to get their body parts inked.

The youngsters today get the tattoo done on their body parts when they are in fashion and once their tattoo gets outdated undergo the treatment for tattoo removal. Plastic surgeons claim that the treatment of tattoo removal is more harmful than getting the tattoo done.

It normally takes one sitting to get a one-and-half-inch tattoo done but the same tattoo may take more than 6-7 sittings to remove it. Several youngsters also get the name of their beloved tattooed on their body and want to remove them after their breakups or when they get married to somebody else.

Dr Meenakshi Agarwal, director, Face & Figure clinic, Mahim said that it is easier to remove the light colored tattoos but the dark colored tattoos with many colors are very difficult and complicate to remove.