How to be germ free at public places?

How to be germ free at public places?

We all know that public places are extremely filthy and are undoubtedly an open pool for plenty of germs. Viruses and Bacteria are everywhere around us. Some germs are essential in our daily life. More than 200 species living inside human body performing much essential functions for instance: eating dead skin.

These days hygiene is a mandatory habit to maintain especially at public places. With our decreasing immunity we need to take care of our health and inculcate healthy habits to lead a germ free life. With some simple tips you can easily follow a healthy and clean routine:

  1. You must teach your children about the good, healthy and hygienic habits. But, if you really want that your child must follow you, these habits are to be practiced by you also that too regularly.
  2. You must take care of not touching your eyes or mouth while you are shopping or at a public meeting. Because it may cause any allergy or infection.
  3. As an alternative of using your hand to flush a public toilet, you can make use of your foot or any dispensable tissue or towel.
  4. At a public event where you shook a lot of hands, before leaving you’re your hands thoroughly before you leave. Because, it’s easy to infect the steering wheel for the next driver.
  5. Always keep a hand sanitizer with you, in your car and other common places because it actually guards you from many pathogens along with giving you a fresh and germ free feel .

So, by following these tips, you will surely enhance the hygienic conditions of you and your family and helps staying germ free even at public places. You can also share these healthy habits with your family and friends too.

Stay healthy!