Health benefits of natural Honey for fatigue and instant energy

Health benefits of natural Honey for fatigue and instant energy

Honey is a traditional food Indians were using for centuries. In India it was used both as food supplement and also for its prophylactic and therapeutic utilities.  It was being used for both internal and external application.

Now, the science has proved that Honey is a rich source of carbohydrates that provide energy to the body. As the primary glucose in the honey is absorbed by the body quickly it is a good medicine in the case fatigue for boosting energy instantly.

Here are some of the uses and methods of usage of honey for the benefit of everybody’s health:

  • Add honey to your morning breakfast, whether it is cornflakes, bread toast or Idly Dosa. It relieves low feeling and morning lethargy experienced often due to over work, etc.
  • Honey is a good medicine in the case sore throats. It not only soothes sore throats but it also kills certain bacteria that causes infection.
  •  Honey can also be used as a coat of protection for external wounds as honey keeps them clean and infection free. In India honey is being used for eons as a first aid treatment for external injuries, cuts and burns.
  • These are only indicative, honey has many more magical benefits.
  • The best part of honey as a medicine is that it has no side effects and normally non-allergic.
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