Excessively colored cookies may spoil your Christmas- don't buy

Excessively colored cookies may spoil your Christmas- don

Just couple of weeks are left for Christmas and whole market is filled with the Christmas decorative, Christmas cakes Christmas cookies and snacks. Everyone is out to buy some good and delicious Christmas cookies and snacks. Watch out before buying them; make sure that you do not buy Christmas cookies which are excessively colored.

The cookies which are excessively colored may cause side effects in children and the most common side effect seen is the hyperactivity. The reason for these side effects is the artificial colors used in the cookies.

Many of the confectioners today are using sharp and excessive colors to make the cookies look attractive and good, which is very harmful for health. The artificial colors are made using coal tars.

Coal tars are synthesized in laboratories with different chemicals and then are used in cookies. Thus be watchful this Christmas and try making cookies at home. If you want to buy them from market, make sure you buy the one which are not too colorful.




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