Get beautiful lips

Get beautiful lips

You need to protect your beautiful lips as it is one of the most sensitive areas on your body.

Avoid burns: your lips burn when exposed to the sun. People who apply a lip gloss attract more sunrays. Apply a chap stick every day before stepping out in the sun.

For dry lips, apply cow’s milk ghee on your lips daily twice for three to four days.

To get pinkish lips, apply a mixture of curd and mustard oil on your lips. Another way is applying a mixture of one spoon each of lemon juice and cucumber juice plus a pinch of turmeric.

To get rid of lip lines, apply the cream of curd on your lips.

To get red lips, mix saffron in butter and apply on lips.

Exfoliate your lips once in a fortnight with the help of a baby toothbrush and toothpaste. Rub your upper lip for about five seconds and your lower lip for about two seconds. Rinse and apply lip balm.

For soft and supple lips, apply some lip cream on your lips before going to bed. Another way is to mash some rose leaves and mixing it with butter and then applying on the lips.

To get rid of chapped lips, apply almond oil regularly for about a month.

To prepare a natural chap stick, mix 24 grams of castor oil, 48 grams of coconut oil, 12 grams of olive oil and 30 grams of hot white wax. Store it in a bottle. Apply every night.

Use two layers of lip liner if you’re using a cheap lipstick.

Do certain lip exercises to get fuller lips.

Do not get addicted to lip care products too much as they accelerate the rate of losing skin cells.

Avoid lip piercings as they can cause infections and other major problems.