For healthy,glowing teeth say no to smoking, coffee, take calcium

For healthy,glowing teeth say no to smoking, coffee, take calcium

Glowing great teeth are an asset to possess and release your ever beautiful smile. Here are some great tips to keep your teeth glowing white!

Say NO to cigarette and too much of coffee: Too much intake of these will leave your teeth with dirty and embarrassing stains. Your teeth in due time will turn dull in color and will also lose its natural lustre.

Stay cavity free: Make sure you’re not taking a lot of sweet food which can harm your teeth and produce dirty cavities.

Make calcium your daily diet: Calcium gives strength to your teeth. You can find calcium in dairy products, fruits & veggies.

Have a Phosphorus intake: Like calcium, phosphorus is also a building agent for your teeth. Hence eat a balanced diet which has phosphorus covered. Fruits like dates, Guava, Kiwi, Lychee, Mulberries, Passionfruit, Pomegranate have good amount of phosphorus.

Enamel your teeth with Fluorine: Fluorine is the element which strengthens the enamel of the tooth. Flourine teeth mouth freshers are available in the market. Also good intake of tomatoes, radishes & cherries will give you good amount of fluorine.

Regular & good intake of the above mentioned will definitely give good strength and radiance to your teeth!