Vote for Super Singer 4

Vote for Super Singer 4

Here are the final 5 contestants who will be competing to win title on 1st February 2014. Vote one of these following 5 super singer 4 participants.

Super Singer Junior 4 Voting details updated ! Click here

1. To vote super singer 4 finalist Sarath Santosh:  

SMS code SS01 to SMS number 57827

2. To vote supersinger 4 finalist Sonia:

SMS code SS09 to SMS number SS08

3. To vote supersinger 4 finalist Diwakar:  

SMS code SS10 to SMS number 57827

4. To vote supersinger4 finalist Syed Subahan:   

SMS code SS04 to SMS number 57827

5. To vote Super singer 4 finalist Parvathy:  

SMS code SS09 to SMS number 57827

(Wildcard voting is closed now. Do not vote for wildcard contestants.)

Vijay TV Airtel Super Singer 4 wildcard contestants SMS online voting format

Vijay TV Super Singer 4 wild card contestants voting details are available in the official #Supersinger website

Fans in India can now vote for their favourite wildcard contestants using the options provided below,

The top 3 contestants Diwakar, Parvathy and Syed Subahan are direct finalists of Super Singer 4.

Super Singer 4 wildcard contestants voting Format, How to Vote for SS4 contestants:

1. Audience can vote through IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System)

   Format: Dial 5432178 and choose your favorite contestant using the options presented.

  Conditions Apply:

  * only one person can vote for Airtel customers

  * * charges apply at Rs. 3 per minute

2. Audience can Vote through SMS

  Type the contestant number and send it to 57827

  Ex: SS07

  Conditions Apply:

  * Charges Rs. 5 per message on Airtel Tamil Nadu.

  * * Charges Rs. 3 per message on Airtel Rest of India and other networks.

3. How to Vote online for Super singer 4 contestants

  Go to the below mentioned link to directly vote online by filling name and email address.!wildcard-voting-2/c1uax

  For International voters, voting is allowed only once.

  Voting is open till 9 pm from 9th January 2014 till 12 pm, 18th January 2014.

Super singer 4 contestants voting SMS Codes Format:

1. Madhumitha: Voting code - SS02

2. Niranjana: Voting code - SS12

3. Krishnan: Voting code - SS06

4. Ganesh: Voting code - SS11

5. Aravind Srinivas: Voting code - SS05

6. Sai Vignesh: Voting code - SS03

7. Alagesan (Azhagesan): Voting code - SS14

8. Sonia: Voting code - SS08

9. Sarath Santosh: Voting code - SS01