Airtel Super Singer Junior 3 wild card winner Aajeedh, Yazhini

Airtel Super Singer Junior 3 wild card winner Aajeedh, Yazhini

Aajeedh, Yazhini won Vijay TV Super Singer Junior 3 wildcard round

Aajeedh (Ajith SSJ 05), Yazhilni (SSJ 09) are winners of the wild card results of Airtel Super Singer Junior 3. Vijay TV officially announced that Aajeedhm Yazhini are the wild card results winner of Airtel Super Singer Junior 3, today on 11th October, 2012 (12-10-2012).

Aajeedh made a history in Super Singer Junior 3 with a total of 4,90,402 public votes with 192/200 judges votes.

Yazhini (SSJ09) was immediatetly announced as the wild card winner as she got 2,43,304 public votes and 191/ 200 judges votes.

Aajeedh (Aajith - SSJ05), Yazhini and their family who were supporting them all the while were enjoying the fruit of success.

Aajeedh Kahlique is also called as a lover boy and Sanjay Ramasamy as he perfectly adapts the style and attitude of Kollywood stars.

Aajeedh performed to the songs Aaromale, Mukhabla and Raja Raja Rocket Raja in the wild card round which indeed supported him very well to reach the final (finale) stage.

The wild card winner selection rounds are completely based on the public voting. Aajeedh's exceptional attitude grabbed all judges and audience attention towards him.

Aajeedh’s mother believes that he has got some spiritual power that made him to reach the grand finale of Airtel Super Singer Junior 2012.

Santhosh and Srinivas, the Airtel Super Singer Season 3 contestants were the top two supporters who were encouraging Aajeedh during his wild card round selection round performance.

Aajeedh got the Most Stylish Singer award while Yazhini got the Best Melody Singer Award in Super Singer Junior 3.