STR's Vettai Mannan using special effects cinematographer Sakthi


STR’s Vettai Mannan is proceeding at full speed especially with some applauding special effects from talented cinematographer Sakthi. Recently, an action fight sequence was shot at the Binny Mills. According to grapevine, in this scene STR and Jai takes on bad man and display their strength by knocking down the baddies. In the end, those who were present at the shot reported that the scene came out really well and holds some true masala action.

Cinematographer Sakthi stated that he has used some astonishing and pioneering technology for fight scenes. For the first time ever, 2 cameras are used to craft a particular effect that is absolutely mind-blowing. When STR went through the scenes again he was really impressed and happy with the output and heartily congratulated Sakthi for his great efforts.