Dhanush turns Mumbai's Churchgate Station into Kolaveri Di stage

Dhanush turns Mumbai

Current Tamil heartthrob of India Dhanush turned Mumbai's Churchgate Station into Kolaveri Di stage on Wednesday 21 December 2011 evening and gave a frenzied experience to the gathered crowd.

On Wednesday 21st December 2011 there was certain disruption in Mumbai’s central railway line because of derailment. And all of a sudden the perturbed crowd got a pleasant shock when a flash mob of 300 dancers led by the actor-turned-singer Dhanush appeared on the scene and presented his blockbusting song Why This Kolaveri Di before the crowd and enchanted it by dancing energetically. The drama took place at 4.45 pm.

The crowd gave an overwhelming response to Dhanush by singing Kolaveri Di madly which made Dhanush stunned. Dhanush uttered that he experienced the stardom second time at the Mumbai’s station eight years after he made it big in Tamil films and it was wonderful.

The flash mob was arranged by a major media house.