Bharath Jeshly love marriage (wedding) on 14th September, Chennai

Bharath Jeshly love marriage (wedding) on 14th September, Chennai

Kollywood Actor Bharath and Jeshly love marriage (wedding), reception Sept, 14 in Chennai 

Kollywood actor Bharath is finally getting into marital bliss and the duo’s marriage is fixed which will take place in Chennai on 14th September, 2013.

Bharath and Jeshly were said to friends for more than a year, love blossomed between them and the duo were witnessed together while on hang out.

It was earlier reported that Bharath was seeing Shamu and they were about to get married, but Bharath cleared out that they were just friends by this wedding news.

Bharath has also openly said in a statement about his marriage with Jeshly that is supposed to be held on 14th of September.

Fans of Bharath will be eager to get a glimpse of Bharath and Jeshly's marriage photos and videos on net.

Bharath is also riding high on success with his recent release Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu (555) movie with positive reviews.

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