Review of Robot: One of its kind and there can be none like it!

Review of Robot: One of its kind and there can be none like it!

Moview Review : Robot

Cast: Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai

Director: S. Shankar

Producer: Kalanidhi Maran

Story: Sujatha Rangarajan, Balakumaran, S. Shankar

Music: A R Rahman

Lyrics: Vairamuthu, P A Vijay 

Cinematographer: R. Rathnavelu

Costume Designer: Manish Malhotra

Editor: Anthony Gonsalves

How many of you are fans of Super Star Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai, and A R Rahman? I am pretty sure we all love them. But, whether you are a fan or not, go and watch it and you will not regret your decision.  It is one of the best movies made till date and is a complete entertainment pack from start to finish.

We have seen a lot of Hollywood flicks with great action and comedy, Robot is no less than any Hollywood movie but at the same time it has an Indian touch too. It has a nice story line and has everything that Indian audience could enjoy.


Rajinikanth (Vaseegaran) is a research scientist and spends 10 years to make a human android robot which can cater to all the needs of his master just like any other human being. It can do everything that a human can do except to feel anything. The aim of Rajinikanth is to use this robot for Indian army so that the country can be protected from the evil sources.  An organization which has to approve this robot does not approve it by giving a reason that it could be harmful for mankind. The head of the organization wants to use this robot for illegal purposes. He tries to get the neural schema of the robot but it doesn’t work the way he wants. Dr.Vasee injects all the human feelings into the robot (Chitti). The problem starts from that moment onwards. Chitti unfortunately falls in love with Dr. Vasee's girlfriend Sana who is none other than Aishwarya Rai. The rest of the story reveals that how Rajinikanth protects his girlfriend from the robot who later on becomes an evil being and tries to kill his own master Dr. Vaseegaran under the influence of the villain Danny Denzongpa. 


It is a pleasure to watch Rajinikanth as a young hero in the movie. He is a cynosure for all in terms of acting, looks and performance. He really looks awesome and has enacted both the role of a robot as well as a normal human being perfectly. His style is as usual superb and the Villain Danny’s character is commendable too. Rajinikanth as always, has exhibited stupendous style, comedy and action in the movie without disappointing his fans. Aishwarya Rai looks gorgeous and beautiful as she always is and her costumes are breath-taking in the flick. Rajini fans will have a treat for their eyes by seeing him being portrayed as a young lad and he adopted varied characters in his own style. In this movie Rajinikanth has given one of his best shots of all times and Robot can be the best hit of his entire career. 


The Oscar Winner A R Rahman surely deserves to bag a lot of awards for the movie’s alluring music. Every song is a unique composition in itself and everyone will urge to listen the songs again and again. A R Rahman attains really big with the background score. The lyrics of each song are simply superb and commendable.  The songs would undoubtedly be remembered and cherished for a long time.


This movie has created a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness from the day its promos were released. It went through lots of twist and turns in the selections, budgets and cast. This movie will make you laugh and enjoy every frame of the scene and will captivate you to dive deep into the imaginary world with all those beautiful locations. Finally, this movie lives up to the expectations of all Rajini fans and even it can also be counted to have exceeded their expectations at large. So, don’t miss to watch the movie today or else you’ll regret tomorrow.

Metro Masti Rating: 4.5

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