Review of Lahore

Review of  Lahore

Review of Lahore 

Starring: Farouque Sheikh, Aanaahad, Sushant Singh, Shraddha Nigam, Shraddha Das

Genre: Action

Director: Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan

Time: 2hrs

Rating: ****

The film tells the story of an Indian Kick boxer defeating a Pakistani Kick boxer, who cheats and injures the Indian. Tensions heighten and the question on everyone's lips is What is going to happen to the peace process initiated by the leaders of the two countries? Indian hero's brother, returns to the ring to avenge the wrongdoing to his brother, this time, in a championship in Lahore. Kudos to the director, Sanjay Singh Chauhan, for daring to venture into a subject that borders the forbidden territory. Lahore begins with showing the Pakistani sportsman in poor light and the subsequent apology from the Pakistani sports psychologist, but ends on a more pacifist note which is what we need today. The film is not jingoistic in nature, and encourages us to shed the extra baggage of hate and mistrust that both the countries have been carrying since independence. It was not an easy job to combine sports and politics, but the director has bravely attempted to strike a balance. In fact the film tries to say too much on sports, politics and human nature which are not possible in a single film. The dilemma of the deceased Indian kick boxer's brother, Virendra, who leaves Cricket and starts kick boxing to avenge injustice to his brother, has been perfectly portrayed. Viru is coached by the man who coached his brother, and the character has been played to perfection by Farouque Sheikh. The film is impressive and scores on many counts. Firstly and most importantly because the subject is so pertinent today. Secondly because it says it all without the any shouting and chest beating ala Sunny Deol in Gadar. Lahore is a film that binds the audience and conveys the message quietly. It is only in the kick boxing scenes that shouting, blood and staring has been shown. Despite so many characters in the film, the leader of the pack is undoubtedly Farouque Sheikh who has given a stellar performance. Among the rest Aanaahad does well in action sequences, but lacks punch on emotional front. The background music by Wayne Sharp is excellent and the cinematography by Neelabh Kaul is mesmerizing to say the least. The spirit of sportsmanship has been tried to bind indo-pak audience and it succeeds to a great level, though it is sad that the film has been banned in Pakistan. Lahore is not just about kick boxing, it is much more than that. Will our politicians learn the lesson? A must watch movie if you are a sports lover, and much more if you are not.

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