Aurangzeb review: Aurangzeb movie story FDFS review ratings

Aurangzeb review: Aurangzeb movie story FDFS review ratings

Aurangzeb movie FDFS review, verdict and box office film ratings

Title: Aurangzeb

Release date: 17th May 2013

Casts: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Arjun Kapoor, Sasha Agha, Jackie Shroff and Rishi Kapoor

Director : Atul Sabharwal

Producers: Aditya Chopra

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Action

Aurangzeb movie story Review Verdict:

Aurangzeb story is about a real estate developer Yashvardhan living in Gurgaon involved in illegal works.

Crew member Ajay of Yashvardhan gets caught by police and is tortured to give out secrets of Yashvardhan.

Police send a look alike of Ajay called Vishal to keep a track on the gang’s movements and also as an informer to police.

Ajay and Vishal realise that they were twins once separated which adds to the advantage of police for their mission.

Aurangzeb is a well paced story with a new take about family rivalry.

Movie overall promised some exciting and genuine thrills and surprises.

Some powerfull scenes did take over but second half could spoil the interest.

Aurangzeb Verdict: 

Arjun Kapoor managed to switch very well between dual roles.

Jackie Shroff played his evil role well which looked scheming and powerful as a gangster.

Rishi Kapoor played as mastermind policemen was definitely a show stealer.

Music had good compositions but might not attract masses.

Overall a good engaging movie to a certain point but later due to bad execution kills the interest.

Aurangzeb movie Ratings:

3/5 (3 out of 5)