Mallika Sherawat demands 2 Crore for Murder sequel

Mallika Sherawat demands 2 Crore for Murder sequel

Director Mahesh Bhatt wants to sign Mallika Sherawat for his movie, Murder sequel’s item song. But recently, he refused her because Mallika demanded 2 Crore for an item number.

Before, Mallika was also playing the lead character in the film but director replaced her with new face Jacqueline Fernandez. Mallika already had played lead role in original and she got disappointed when Bhatt replaced her.

After getting disappointed by Mahesh Bhatt, she went through Anees Bazee’s latest flick Thank You with her same charge and which was accepted by director. Now Mallika is playing hot item number in Bazmee’s flick.

Sources added that Mahesh Bhatt movies are always low budgeted and Mallika’s high charges are unbearable for him. And news is also that Murder sequel has a different story from original, so he took Jacqueline.

Well, no worries about Mallika for now she has become a famous celebrity in Hollywood and other social events, and these factors are indicating that she leaves no stone unturned to make her special image.