Bipasha Basu & Ameesha Patel wear the same outfit at IIFA awards

Bipasha Basu & Ameesha Patel wear the same outfit at IIFA awards

We can call it as telepathy or we can call it as coincidence too. But Bipasha Basu simply found it amusing when she saw another actor from Bollywood walk the green carpet at the recently concluded IIFA in Toronto.
In IIFA awards a fellow actress landed up wearing the same dress in a different color as Bipasha Basu on the green carpet. It was quite amusing for Bipasha Basu and also to every one there. 

Incidentally, the actor we were referring to was none other than Ameesha Patel. Both Bipasha Basu and Ameesha Patel had worn a Ramona Narang outfit. Sources say it wasn't anybody's fault since Ameesha Patel didn't know that Bipasha Basu would be wearing the same outfit in a nude shade to the IIFA.

Bipasha Basu apparently had this dress on her for quite some time. Bipasha Basu’s stylist had sourced it for her. But since Bipasha Basu doesn't plan in advance, she had just pulled it out last minute depending on her mood that evening. As a precautionary measure Bipasha Basu now started planning in advance for green carpet outfit rather than pulling out the things from her cupboard last min. Anyways we can't stop the world from buying the same things and keep a tab on all. 

Fortunately, Bipasha Basu is quite chilled out as far as this incident is concerned. Later, when Bipasha Basu was asked about this incident and how she would avoid such a situation in future, she told that there is nothing to worry. Bipasha Basu found this incident amusing. She said that, next time, she will only wear dresses designed exclusively for her.