Ileana D’ Cruz playing 65 year old in Anurag Basu Barfee

Ileana D’ Cruz playing 65 year old in Anurag Basu Barfee

Barfee which has Anurag Basu as the director is set to feature Ileana D'Cruz as a 65 year old actress. Well the director who has commenced his movie shoot in Darjeeling is very excited about the three actors and their roles in the movie. Ranbir Kapoor is playing a deaf as well as a mute in the movie. Priyanka Chopra plays the role of a person suffering from autistic, the character lives in an imaginary or dream world and does not easily connect with with the real world. Ileana D'Cruz for her part as an actress. 

It is said that Ileana D'Cruz will be seen as an actress who is being shown in the movie as a 19 year old first and goes on to age into a 65 year old actress. Well it can be said that the given roles will be challenging for each of the three actors in the movie. However all of them have said that they are up-to it and are ready to do something that is challenging and has not been done before by them. 

The movie shoot of Barfee was called off after crowd misbehavior recently and is expected to start sooner or later. After the 10 day shoot in Darjeeling the team is set to take a break for 15 days and then continue with the shoot in Mumbai. 

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