Shahid Kapoor's Udta Punjab to drop Punjab says FCAT

Shahid Kapoor

Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) wants Punjab to be dropped from film title Udta Punjab. They think it will destroy state’s image and may even make bad impression about it. 

Not only they want to drop the name Punjab but they even want them to remove any reference to the state. 

Film actress Alia Bhatt says that the film is about people who are drug addicts and shows their struggle to emerge out of it. It's not about any particular person or state.

On the same page film actor Shahid Kapoor says that the film should be tax-free, so that it can reach out many people and help them to know the current scenario around the world.

Dropping the name will not affect the box office at all as the film trailers has already made lot of buzz and gained enough publicity.