Rowdy Rathore at Box Office,Gross collections goes to 202.4 Crore

Rowdy Rathore at Box Office,Gross collections goes to 202.4 Crore

Rowdy Rathore, starring the Bollywood ‘Khiladi’ Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha, determined its century in the very first week of its release, with a gross of 103.8 Crores in the 1st week.

In the first three weeks of Rowdy Rathore, the collection at Box Office decreased linearly, creating a difference of less than 1 Crore between two successive collections.

For the last 15 days, the difference between two consecutive collections ranged from 0.1 to 0.4 Crores, thus making up 0.3 Crores on the 49th Day.

Box Office collection of Rowdy Rathore (49 Days):

1st  Day Collections: 15.6 Crores

2nd  Day Collections: 14.2 Crores

3rd  Day Collections: 14.8 Crores

4th  Day Collections: 13.7 Crores

5th  Day Collections: 12.8 Crores

6th  Day Collections: 11.0 Crores

7th  Day Collections: 10.7 Crores

8th  Day Collections: 10.0 Crores

9th  Day Collections: 9.2 crores

10th  Day Collections: 8.2 crores

11th  Day Collections: 7.6 crores

12th  Day Collections: 7.0 crores

13th  Day Collections: 6.4 crores

14th  Day Collections: 5.4 crores

15th  Day Collections: 4.7 crores

16th  Day Collections: 4.0 crores

17th  Day Collections: 3.6 crores

18th  Day Collections: 3.1 crores

19th  Day Collections: 2.5 crores

20th  Day Collections: 2.1 crores

21st  Day Collections: 1.8 crores

22nd  Day Collections: 1.6 crores

23rd  Day Collections: 1.5 crores

24th  Day Collections: 1.6 crores

25th  Day Collections: 1.3 crores

26th  Day Collections: 1.4 crores

27th  Day Collections: 1.2 crores

28th  Day Collections: 1.3 crores

29th  Day Collections: 1.5 crores

30th  Day Collections: 1.4 crores

31st  Day Collections: 1.3 crores

32nd  Day Collections: 1.2 crores

33rd  Day Collections: 0.9 crores

34th  Day Collections: 0.5 crores

35th  Day Collections: 0.3 crores

36th  Day Collections: 0.4 crores

37th  Day Collections: 0.3 crores

38th  Day Collections: 0.5 crores

39th  Day Collections: 0.4 crores

40th  Day Collections: 0.4 crores

41st  Day Collections: 0.3 crores

42nd  Day Collections: 0.4 crores

43rd  Day Collections: 0.5 crores

44th  Day Collections: 0.3 crores

45th  Day Collections: 0.3 crores

46th  Day Collections: 0.4 crores

47th  Day Collections: 0.4 crores

48th  Day Collections: 0.3 crores

49th  Day Collections: 0.3 crores