Neha Dhupia wedding (marriage) in traditional lehenga costume

Neha Dhupia wedding (marriage) in traditional lehenga costume

Neha Dhupia is in favor of a simple wedding

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia does not advocate glamorous wedding. As far as her own wedding is concerned, she wants it to be a simple affair without any pomp and gaiety.

She might have had attractive and expensive weddings in her reel life, but in her real life, she is totally against this.

Neha said that as an actress she gets married almost every couple of months.

So there is no real excitement for her. That could be the reason why she has got bored and is uninterested in having a grand marriage in her personal life.

She even said that, it could cause her to be simple on her marriage day.

The actress said that what dress she would wear on that important day, she quipped that it depends on the place of her marriage and the weather conditions will have a say in Neha’s decision.

She said that she will already be wearing the traditional lehenga and make-up.

The lehenga is a heavy outfit to wear and that’s why she does not want any add-ons.