ETC Bollywood Business TV: Komal Nahata with Chitrangada Singh

ETC Bollywood Business TV: Komal Nahata with Chitrangada Singh

Chitrangada Singh will be playing one of the lead roles in the forthcoming Desi Boyz movie and is very excited about her first commercial venture.

Chitrangada Singh talked to Komal Nahata on the TV show ETC Bollywood Business which will be aired on Monday 21st November 2011.

Talking on the show Chitrangada Singh said that she was bored of doing the same kind of work. Being an actress in off-beat films so far, she said that nobody could imagine her in commercial films and therefore she feels like she's doing her debut film and is very excited about Desi Boyz.

Chitrangada Singh also talked with her fans in New Delhi on Thursday 17th November 2011 when her co-stars in Desi Boyz viz. Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham accompanied her.

Talking about the co-stars Chitrangada Singh said that Akshay Kumar is very helpful and encouraging. Akshay Kumar is playing the role of lover of Chitrangada Singh in Desi Boyz. Denying the reports about cat-fights with Deepika Padukone she said that Deepika Padukone and she are on good terms with each other so far.

Desi Boyz will be releasing on 25th November 2011.