Chitrangada Singh’s marriage to Jyoti Randhawa is sailing smooth

Chitrangada Singh’s marriage to Jyoti Randhawa is sailing smooth

Bollywood actress Chitrangada Singh has said her marriage with golfer husband Jyoti Randhawa’s is sailing smoothly. She also said that the news items which are carrying negative reports of their marriage are all rubbish. There were also reports that it is her career which is creating all the problems for her.

She however said that they are happily married are there is nothing of any sort which the reports are interpreting. She also praised her husband a lot. She said that Jyoti was very encouraging and considerate. He understands my feelings of being ambitious as he himself is, Chitrangada said.

However, she admitted that at certain times, it gets difficult to manage things. She has a three-year old son to look after and it makes life difficult for her. However, Chitrangada is very determined to make things work for her. she cited examples of working women who have to do the balancing act with their professional and family life.

Now as Chitrangada Singh is making a comeback in the Bollywood industry after a gap of nearly three years, such speculations are the last thing she wants. She was last seen in the film Sorry Bhai! which was released in 2008.

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