Barbara Mori of Kites is desperate for a break

Barbara Mori of Kites is desperate for a break

It looks like Barbara Mori who had her Bollywood debut with the movie Kites is finding it difficult to get any new offers. The actress problems aplenty with the language barrier being one and the other, her lack of contact with big stars. It is said that the actress has become so desperate that she even took on to a micro blogging site and posted a SOS message. 

Barbara Mori however takes solace from the fact that Katrina Kaif's first movie was also not successful. She was told by the Roshan's that there would be support provided to her but she is not getting any as well. It also looks like her Kites co-star Hrithik Roshan is busy doing his thing. The actress got a few offers which she rejected mainly because she only wants to act with top actors and does not look to be featuring with others. 

Well Barbara Mori certainly needs to look at options as there are loads of new faces that are being introduced into the industry almost on a daily basis.

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