Asin Thottumkal ends relationship with Neil Nitin Mukesh with SMS

Asin Thottumkal ends relationship with Neil Nitin Mukesh with SMS

It is heard that Asin Thottumkal has called off the relationship with Neil Nitin Mukesh. It was never public that the couple were going around. In fact some say that Asin Thottumkal had made it clear that Neil Nitin Mukesh was never to speak about Asin Thottumkal or their relationship. Asin Thottumkal was said to be a very dominating personality in the Bollywood circles whereas Neil Nitin Mukesh was an easy going actor. 

The problems between the couple of Asin Thottumkal and Neil Nitin Mukesh said to have started off after the actress started getting close to Salman Khan. Although Asin Thottumkal was close with Salman Khan for work purposes it did not go well with Neil Nitin Mukesh it seems. It is also said that Asin Thottumkal was close with other actors and when Neil Nitin Mukesh asked her about it the problems started. Some close to the actress have said that Asin Thottumkal simply refused to answer his calls or SMS messages. 

Finally it is said that Asin Thottumkal sent Neil Nitin Mukesh a message stating all is over between them. It is said that was the final message to end everything between the couple. Rumor around the industry is that Asin Thottumkal is now single and ready to mingle. 

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